Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 42: Greasy Creek Hostel

Hello everyone,

Wendy here with another update from the trail. Some days the trail just seems to take and take and then take some more. Today is certainly that kind of day.

Where do I begin? Last night I got to fall asleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof.
Today began a little differently- Breeze and I decided to take a late morning and let the rain slow down. Little did we know this would only bring worse showers! Oh well, we said, we will have to learn to walk in the rain at some point so why not now!

As we began packing up I realized that my pack towel had gotten caught in the shelter floor. As I tugged at it to get it out the button broke off of it! At least the pack towel is still safe I thought! About 5 minutes later as I was packing up my sleeping bag my stuff sack clip broke! I hoped this would be the end of my expenses today. This was far from the case, however.

Our plan for the day was to stop at this hostel only long enough to resupply until we met Breeze's folks on Friday. These plans changed, however, while we were approximately 2 miles away from the hostel. I took a spill coming down a muddy hill and before you know it my trekking poles have both bent and sheared clean in half. Typically this isn't the end of the world, however because of the fact that my tent is held up by my poles this was a huge loss.

After we reached the hostel and were discussing whether to move on and risk getting a shelter spot or just stay the night, one of our German hiking friends named Scarecrow walked in. This was particularly odd because he had been hiking in front of us and would have been forced to backtrack to get to the hostel. As it turns out, the next shelter we planned on making it to was full of mice and holes in the roof. Needless to say this solidified our decision to stay the night.

I would like to just step out of the story for a moment to prove a point. This was all written the evening of our stay at Greasy Creek Friendly. I am writing this next segment the day after experiencing one of the most enjoyable nights we have had on the trail. Just goes to show how quickly the tides turn on the trail!

So now that you heard my sob story about the trail yesterday, let me tell you about last night. The hostel, called Greasy Creek Friendly, is home to Connie who lives in the house year round. During thru hiker season she loves to keep hikers in her home. To show how trusting she is, she allowed 5 thru hikers to stay in her house all day until she got done running errands!

While the side trail to the friendly isn't very well marked (her neighbor hates hikers and takes down any signs she makes) and quite sketchy looking, the hostel couldn't have been more opposite. We had a great time enjoying a movie marathon with other hikers and got to eat and drink like kings! All in all it turned my day around and I left her establishment with a smile on my face. It was easily the best hostel we have stayed at and one of the most enjoyable nights so far.

I'll say it once and I'll say it until it isn't relevant anymore; the trail giveth and the trail taketh away.


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