Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 30: Groundhog Creek Shelter

Hello all,

Wendy here again with a trail update. We hiked a pretty short day today, only clocking in 7.5 miles.

Though it was short, I had a very tough physical day! While in Gatlinburg I traded out my boots for running shoes and my light pack with my old heavier one. I traded the shoes out due to the feeling that my feet were not being properly used. The sole was just too stiff. In addition, my boots were extremely heavy and when I got tired I would drag my feet into all sorts of debris on the trail. The bag got changed out because I need more room for more food and my new pack had already begun to tear.

This meant a tough day for me because my pack suddenly weighed more than usual and my feet were using muscles that it had never had to use before! My legs were very sore at the end of our day today. Hopefully my body adjusts quickly to the new digs and doesn't reject anything! Only time will tell!

Additionally we got to see an FAA air traffic control tower. I'm not certain what exactly it did but it looked pretty neat!

Until next time,

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