Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 37: Jerry's Cabin Shelter

Hello all,

Wendy here with yet another update from the trail! We have successfully gotten back into gear today, completing a grueling 15.4 mile day. Normally, this would be a pretty easy task for Breeze and I. Today, however, had different plans for us.

First, if Breeze hasn't already explained, getting to Damascus on time requires a 12.5 mile pace per day. Because yesterday was a short day (10 miles) we decided to get our average back to 12.5 by doing a 15.4. This 15 also included a 5 mile uphill hike similar to the climb out of the NOC.

The climb came and went pretty easily though we got a late start today. After making it to the top we had even begun to feel ok about the day. Then came the best and worst part: we realized in our guide that today would also include a "rocky and strenuous" 1.5 miles over a bald. While the name sounded threatening, we figured how bad could 1.5 be? Boy were we wrong! Though we were rewarded with great views the rocks and climbs took a toll on me late in the day. We got to see some new terrain, however, and are excited for our change of scenery right around the corner.

We finally made it to the shelter around 8:30 and had a quick dinner before hitting the hay. Shout out to Breeze's mom, she made us some dehydrated vegetable packages. I had my first one today and. WOW, talk about some great eats! That plus a butter and herb pasta side, a half a chicken packet, and a honey bun made my night!

We are planning on another ~15 tomorrow so hopefully I'm not too sore!

Until next time,

PS Jessica Cain I already miss you like crazy!

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