Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 36: Spring Mountain Shelter, 284.9

What's up everybody, it's Breeze.

There isn't much that is fun about leaving towns to head back in the woods. Coming out of town almost always means you're going to have to do a big climb that day in order to get back into the mountains. In addition, your pack is super heavy because you just resupplied. Besides, who wants to leave family and friends behind in order to go hike? Nevertheless, it felt really nice to get back in the woods after Asheville. After such a long break, it was nice to pound out some miles and get a few steps closer to Maine. We realize we've been going slow, so we came up with a good goal: get to my granny's home town, Damascus, in times for her 95th birthday party! In order for us to make our goal, we're going to have to go 182 miles in 14 days, so we have to get moving. Like Hot Springs, the AT passes right through Damascus, and my parents are going to be there to pick us up! I can't wait for that!

Like I said, it's nice to be back on the trail. We met back up with a few of our friends today and are camping with Ref tonight. Oh, and did I mention we saw a HUGE snake today? It was sitting right beside the trail, hiding behind a tree. Of course I was walking in front, and about came out of my skin when I saw that its head was 6 inches from my boot! It was only a King snake (we think) so I settled down and we moved on. First snake sighting of the trail! Good stuff.

Well guys, that just about does it for me. Just want to give a big shout out to my Uncle Douglas who came to see me this weekend, as well as Ben Kappel and Jessica Cain. It was great catching up :)

Until next time!


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