Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 24: Double Spring Shelter

Hello all,

Wendy here with another update from the trail. Sorry that we are still missing yesterday's post, Breeze can't seem to find service to post his blog! I will just cover today and let him fill yesterday in when he gets service.

Today saw us hiking another big day through the Smokies. We will now be able to get through the park by Thursday night, hopefully before the bad weather gets too far set in! Today was a beautiful day but boy was it tough!! We did nothing but climb up steep hills, plummet down them, and then climb yet another hill.

Tomorrow is Clingmans. We will be getting a late start tomorrow in hopes of catching a view atop the AT's highest mountain! We are feeling worn but ready to get out of this park already.

Wish us luck!
Wendy AKA Alex

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  1. As I am just getting caught up on all of this I have to admit I am quite impressed Wendy (BearCat). May you fellas have fair weather and the wind to your backs.