Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 31: Groundhog Creek Shelter

Hey everybody, it's Breeze here at the end of a very exhausting day out here on the Appalachian Trail. Wendy and I moved approximately 30 yards from the shelter we stayed at last night and decided to tent camp tonight instead. If only you had heard the snoring that we heard last night....good lord! Wendy was saying earlier that he thought we could hike the trail 5 times from end to end and not hear louder snoring than what we heard last night. It was insane! We maybe got 4 hours of sleep last night. So look out for a hiker named Atlas everyone! But I digress...

We decided to take a 0 today because Wendy here is having aaa... Hm, how should I phrase this? Let's call it "technical difficulties". Yes, that'll work. Wendy is experiencing technical difficulties. Poor guy has had a rough day. But taking a 0 here wasn't so bad. All the time we took this weekend and today allowed everyone we used to hike with before the Smokies to catch up to us. Zeus showed up first. If you know anything about Zeus, you know you're going to have a huge fire that night. The man loves fire. He's had a massive one going for over 4 hours now. He's a pretty cool guy. (I just wanted to mention that Zeus also doesn't where underwear with his kilt. But hey, the good comes with the bad I suppose. And you also learn real quick where not to look.) OB (old and busted) showed up a little while later and promptly gave us hell for letting him catch us again. He laughs at us because we'll shoot way ahead of him and then let him catch up all over again. The best surprise of the night was the appearance of Ref. He got the name because he hikes in his old Foot Locker uniform. I actually just learned tonight that he spent 4 years in the peace corp! The people on this trail never cease to amaze me.

Hopefully Wendy is feeling better tomorrow. I'm getting pretty restless and would like to get some miles down. I'm also looking forward to finally seeing Max Patch Bald. I've heard by all accounts that it has an excellent view.

Good night after a long and lazy day on the AT.

Breeze :)


  1. Let me begin by saying how very proud I am of you for hiking 247 miles in 31 days. That is something I could never do. That said...What the heck are you doing? You are averaging 7.9 miles a day at that rate you will reach the end of the trail by mid December. Which will not even be possible since Katahdin closes mid October. But...you know all this. Get it in Gear Son and Get it Done!

  2. Hey guys! Been enjoying reading about your adventures!

    Who Dat!