Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 39: No Business Shelter

Hello all,

Your friendly neighborhood Wendy here with another update from le trail.

Today we conquered yet another milestone and goal we set for ourselves- we have done our first 20! 20.7 to be exact! I wish I could say that the day was all smiles and rainbows, but that just isn't the case. Allow me to explain.

At 2:30am last night I awoke with the need for a bathroom break so I stepped out of my tent and did my business. Not 5 minutes after returning I heard someone throwing up nearby. Asking if he was ok, he strung together a string of nasty words and didn't respond to my question.

About the same time, I hear our friend Ref say, "that sucks." Yeah, I thought, glad the Ref is ok! Then suddenly it hit me, it was the Ref getting sick! We have been hiking with him for the past 3 days and I miss him already. Here's to you Ref, get better soon and get back on the trail brother!

This went on for quite some time and I got very little sleep as a result (not that I can blame the guy.) Around 4:00am I had enough and went and woke Breeze up to tell him we should just leave then. We had threatened the 20.7 the night before and this would be an adventurous start! Ever willing as he is, the man woke up from a dead sleep at 4 in the morning and we had broken camp by 5am.

The hike in the dark went very well, we still made excellent time even without the sun. Our first hour of sunlight greeted us with a hefty climb up Big Bald but as usual we had a great view to compensate! By the time 9am rolled around we had already completed 10 of our 20 scheduled miles.

After our great start we decided that we could take a more relaxed pace. A long lunch followed by a tough climb put us behind our mark of 4pm by a bit. When we finally made it in just after 5 the rain had just begun to come down. We ate like horses and rested our legs and hopefully won't suffer tomorrow from our big day.

For now, sleep calls. It has been a long day and Erwin is only a short 6 mile hike away!

Until next time,

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