Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 26: Tricorner Knob Shelter

Hello all,

Wendy here once again with another update from the trail! Today was a tough but rewarding day as the pictures will show! We had several tough steep climbs but they always seemed to lead to an incredible view. Not a bad trade if you ask me!

We have only 1 more day before we say goodbye to the Smokies and I can put my biggest fear to rest. This park has haunted me ever since it got the best of us last May and it feels great to be doing such big days through here!

We saw yet another milestone today- we passed 10% of the trail! The feeling is bittersweet, on one hand it feels like just yesterday that we left Springer and sometimes I feel like we have been out here for ages!

Today is our last day of good weather before we get rain. We aren't sure what time of day we are going to be getting rained on, hopefully it will hold off until later so that we can get some miles in before it.

We will be meeting up with my mom in Gatlinburg this weekend for some R&R after a tough week in the Smokies and I can't wait! This is the first of two weekends that I will be seeing loved ones which is very exciting.

As opposed to the usual trail talk, I will let the pictures do the talking and instead talk about something a little different- trail mentality. I'm not really sure if there is anyone who reads this blog that plans on thru hiking but if there is, take heed.

The trail is a vicious place that loves to beat you when you're down. There are days when everything that's bad only seems to get worse. Then there are days when the sun shines on everything that you do. You only have one goal out here when it comes to combatting these tough times- embrace the suck! It is a saying that we often have to repeat to ourselves as we find ourself in bad weather or poor conditions.

Just remember that your hiking WILL improve and your physical shape WILL improve. Keep pushing yourself and one day you will find that the difficult part is mental and not physical. And when that day comes, friends, you must embrace the suck!

Wendy AKA Alex

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  1. I think it's awesome you guys are hiking the AT! You are way more adventurous than I ever could be, much respect!

    Katie @ Phoenix