Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 22: Fontana Lodge

Hello all,

Sorry the blog post is late, we were having way too much fun last night for me to post a blog update! Last night, which was suppose to be spent in the Fontana Lake shelter, got turned around by an awesome fellow thru hiker and we ended up in a hotel room for the night!

Yesterday was a very strong day for Breeze and I, we are excited to tackle the Smokies starting today! Yesterday we reached a major milestone- we completed our first 10 by 12! For those that don't know, that means we hiked 10 miles by noon. Our first hour saw us completing 3 miles!

With the confidence from our ability to do this we hope to crush through the Smokies. Because we have been here before and know how quickly the elements can shift on us, our plan is to hike straight through the park. We have been told by several sources that the weather will be great until Thursday which will nearly put us at the end of the park.

You will have to be patient with us these next week- the park is tough, the miles are long, and the cell service on all major carriers is spotty at best. If you don't see us blog for a day or two, have no fear! We will keep an account of the days and update you all whenever we can.

Thanks again to Miami for putting us up for the night!

Wendy AKA Alex

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  1. So glad to hear that things are going so well. You will certainly be in my prayers this week as you make your way through the Smokies!!
    Sending lots of love your way!!! Love, Mom