Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/29: Overlook Mountain Shelter

What's up everybody, it's Breeze here with the daily recap.

Days out here don't get a whole lot better than this. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say that this has been my favorite day of the trip so far. Everything just seemed to bounce our way.

We woke up this morning and had breakfast with Ms. Connie of the Greasy Creek Friendly. She was such a nice lady! I can believe she lets complete strangers come into her home like that. I really enjoyed my time at her hostel. Once we started hiking we met a section hiker named Frogger. She and Wendy struck up a nice conversation that began with his Dirty Girl Gaitors and ended up her offering to slack pack us over Roan Mountain, the last 6000 foot mountain on the AT until New Hampshire! Ladies and gentlemen, climbing that massive mountain without a pack was a literal dream come true! We practically ran up the beast, and laughed at the second tallest peak on the trail as we stood on the summit. As good as it felt hike without the pack, it felt just as terrible to pull that heavy thing back on. Nevertheless, we can't thank Frogger and her dad, Energizer Bunny, enough.

The rest of the day went as well as our climb over Roan. We hit back to back grassy balds with some of the best views I have seen all trail. I gave my camera a serious workout today - I don't think I ever put it away! As if the awesome balds weren't enough, tonight Wendy and I got the pleasure of staying in the coolest shelter (as claimed by past thru hikers) on the entire trail! The shelter is a converted barn that could probably hold 50 people without much difficulty. I went upstairs and strung my hammock up between two posts. Now I'm just laying in my hammock listening to the owls. And did I mention the awesome view from the barn? The whole day has just been perfect. Life is good.


P.s I think we got off track with our day numbering system. I believe today is Day 45 but I'm not positive. I think I'm just going to start putting the date.

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