Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 35-36: Asheville

Hello again,

Wendy here with yet another town update! As you can see, we did plenty of time in town recently! That will make our challenge of getting to Damascus before Cinco de Mayo even more fun!

Asheville was incredible as always and the company was amazing as usual also! Jessica and Ben stayed with us in a very nice cabin just outside of town and we got to meet up with Breeze's uncle Douglas Saturday in Asheville! We had a great time bouncing around brewpubs eating great food and of course drinking awesome beer!

The part I was most looking forward to was Wicked Weed brewing. Last time Jessica and I went there they had an amazing tap list downstairs with tons of sours and Belgians. I talked the place up but downstairs was disappointing this time! Hopefully that was just a fluke!

All in all a great time in a great city. Time to get back to the job, however. We must hike on!


PS- a personal thank you to Jessica, Ben and Douglas. We sincerely appreciate you guys traveling to meet us. You were just the pep we needed!


  1. You guys are doing great! I was wondering about that "rocky and strenuous" for them to say it in the guidebook I figured it had to be pretty serious. Hmmm I think i might trade that for a stats final though ;) Love you Alex and miss you too!

  2. It was great seeing Kent and meeting everyone else. The beer wasn't bad either. Have fun on the trail!