Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 20: Robbinsville, NC

Hello all,

Wendy here to recount the proceedings of the day. My oh my how quickly the trail can turn on you. While our plan was to hike a 15 mile day to Cable Gap shelter, the trail instead had us get off at Steccoah Gap and hitch into Robbinsville, NC for the night. Let me tell you the story of just how we wound up in this lovely town...

Please keep in mind that yesterday stayed in the mid to high 60s all day. This morning, however, we were greeted by cold rain. Thinking that we would want to spend the whole day warm via hiking, we planned on a 15 mile day to Cable Gap shelter.

Funny how quickly mother nature can change your plans! We crushed the first big climb only to walk a ridge where we suffered around 1 mile with temps at 34-36 degrees along with 20+ mph wind gusts. Needless to say, we got quite cold!

After hiking 7 miles to Steccoah Gap and meeting up with 6 other hikers that were planning on coming into town, we decided at the gap to move inside to wait out the storm for the day.

I feel like this was a great decision for us in several ways. First, the resupply here is much better than Fontana. Additionally we get a day of rest and fresh showers before our scramble through the Smokies. Finally, this helped to better line us up for Hot Springs on a weekend. Kent has family coming to visit in all likelihood and Jessica will once again be coming to see us! I am super pumped!

Well that about wraps it up for today, tomorrow plans to be a day with better weather!

Until next time,
Wendy AKA Alex

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