Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/7: Damascus Round 2

Hello all,

Wendy here with your second update from Damascus! After our literal marathon day yesterday we packed up late, broke camp at 11, and headed down the 1.5 miles of trail back into the town of Damascus!

The town was just as friendly and welcoming walking into as it was riding! We quickly met up with a huge group of hikers we haven't seen in a while and it felt good to know we had caught back up! 

We even got to see Double Dare again! We haven't seen him since soon after our pizza challenge but he is a great guy to hike and camp with! Not only did he hike the trail once before, he also got his name by being chosen to be on the Nickelodeon television show Double Dare and ended up winning! As if that wasn't enough he ran 100 mile foot races as a hobby post hike. What a character!

We ended up once again sucked into the vortex that is town and we will be sticking around for the night. The attraction of town and happy hour with other hikers is just too great! 

Until next time!

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