Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/22: Keffer Oak

Hello all,

Wendy here again with another update from the trail. I am quite embarrassed to have come up with this day, for it does not look great in terms of our hiking. That said, it is my duty to share both our triumphs and failures, so we will simply have to chalk this one up as a learning experience. 

After Zeus dropped us off from our ride back from D.C. we were left to do the dreaded task of reintegrating yourself into the hiking world. Thankfully we had the Keffer oak to look forward to, which is a giant oak tree measuring 18' around! When we got there, however, we realized we had been beaten there by the infamous Riff Raff crew and they had different plans for our day. 

The Riff Raff crew is a rag tag band of past thru hikers. They now follow current thru hikers in vehicles and specialize in "distracting" them. They find that there are far too many hikers that make a "death march to Katahdin." To help them slow down, they stop them with adult beverages and convince them to stay the night. 

Not too much can be said about the night except for the fact that beverages were indeed consumed and much fun was had. By the end of the night the Riff Raff had managed to distract a dozen hikers, many of whom we knew and hadn't seen for a while! Tomorrow we have big miles planned, time to get back on track!


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