Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/19-5/21: Washington DC (Wendy)

Hello all,

Another special trail update starring points of view from both Breeze and I. I plan on telling you how all of this mess got decided and how we ended up where we were, then Breeze will write up what an amazing time we had while we were there (spoiler alert: it was super amazing.) Let us begin, shall we?

The day started off just as planned- we left Trail Days with Zeus and headed back where Kent had hiked to and had been picked up by Jessica and I a few short days prior. Another passenger, our good friend Ref, was off to Washington D.C. so that he could catch a flight back home for a wedding. We were having a great time (these three guys are easily the best friends I have on the trail,) until someone makes a joke that we should just go to D.C. and see the city for a few days. 

Knowing of only one person in the city (technically I didn't know her, she was the sister of my best man!) I decided to give Joseph a ring and see if his sister was somehow willing to give 2 smelly hikers a place to stay for 2 nights. She agreed and within 20 minutes the decision was made and I would become forever indebted to the Villnow family. 

Six hours later we arrived at Rachel's house around 20 minutes outside of the city. She took one whiff of us and sent us straight to the showers! We got washed up quickly and made a beeline for the brewery down the street to snag a growler before they closed shop. Finally, they graced us with steak and vegetables for dinner. 

Talk about being treated, these girls really knew how to show hikers love! Afterwards we sat around the back deck, drank beer, and swapped stories with Rachel and her two awesome roommates Ashley and Amanda! I can thank them a million times and it won't ever be enough, they let 2 smelly hikers into their house without ever meeting us yet we felt totally at home and welcomed. 

While I will leave the next day for Breeze to discuss I would like to mention that the following night we were treated once again by the girls out on the town. They took us to a few awesome bars and we had another great night with them!

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