Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15: Bland, VA

Hello all,

Wendy here with yet another update from the trail. Believe it or not, it is town day again! 4 days sure can pass by at different speed out here (largely dependent on the weather,) and this 4 days seemed to fly by! 

Today saw us perched 12 miles from Bland in the morning. Desperate for the taste of a DQ blizzard, the two of us actually hiked out in the morning! 8:37AM is when we broke camp to be exact! We are quite proud and enjoyed the change of pace from the late day/late night hiking we have been doing.

Because we were so motivated to be in town we actually managed a 10 by 12! The terrain wasn't bad at all and we scored one of the things that has been on our list for quite some time- we saw our first bear! We had about the best encounter you can hope for- he saw us before we saw him and he was around 25 yards downhill. We didn't see him until he began tearing down every bush and tree in his path to get away from us! Maybe they are big raccoons like everyone says.

Today also marked another unique day- Breeze and I will be separated for the first time on the trail. Jessica will be coming and meeting up with us one more time before she goes on her trip to Peru for 2 months. Because of this, Breeze has chosen to give us a night alone and continue hiking tomorrow. He headed up to the next shelter this evening and I am camping out near the road so I can hitch back into town tomorrow to meet my boo!

Until next time,

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