Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/13: Lynn Creek Camp

Hello everyone,

Wendy here with a very special update from the trail. Sir Breeze is officially a young one no longer; he has turned 23 today! We had just what the doctor ordered for celebration- a 12 mile day to a great campsite!

The day started at our usual late pace. By the time we had stirred, the only hiker that remained was Blacksquatch. Even he had a better excuse than us, however, because he was turning around that day to meet some friends in town. Unphased and determined to have a good day, we set out around lunch for our day. 

The day was fairly easy and full of nice long breaks and enjoyment of the nice weather. It feels so good to be in sunshine after the rain! We spent most of the day leap frogging with an awesome hiker named Whirled Peas (a play on world peace.) She is a ton of fun to be around and is always positive and happy no matter which hill we find her on! The last time we left her, she mentioned a friend may be walking southbound past us. If he was, we were instructed to tell him it was Breeze's birthday and that he would know what to do. 

About an hour later we met up with her friend, CC Rider. Upon reciting her speech we were both gifted 2 wonderful things- Guinness Extra stout bottles! While Breeze isn't a huge stout fan yet I'm working on him! Thanks Whirled Peas for the help!

Finally at mile 12 we stumbled upon a wonderful campsite that was empty except for one tent. We decided that we would make the 3 miles up the following day and camp there instead of pushing on. What a great call! Being able to setup camp, cook food, and hang the bear bag all before dark was quite a treat.

Happy birthday Breeze!

PS- the picture wasn't taken today but it is one of my favorite pictures thus far. We were on a hitch that required one of us to sit on a lawn mower in the bed of a truck. Breeze, ever chasing adventure, signed up for the seat.

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