Saturday, March 16, 2013

Page one, chapter one, verse motha lickin' one.

Start: -8.8 mi- approach trail
End: 0.0 mi- Springer Mountain

Hello peeps,

Alex/Wendy here for our first daily trail update. Whew am I in pain from today's hike! We made it atop Springer mountain and will be camping here for the night.

This is already 2.8 miles behind our schedule but I got completely wiped out today. I had some pretty bad cramps in my legs and got to see my muscle spasming! Kind of scary but rubbing and rest fixed it! The stairs were intense today and I'm pretty spent. Additionally, I brought too little water. Probably the cause of the cramps! Will solve this tomorrow. As a cap to this pain- I got sunburned today. Go figure! Fate's gonna make me work for it!

Because of our lost mileage, we will try and make it up tomorrow on an easier section. Cross your fingers!

Alex AKA Wendy

PS- A special shout out and thank you to mom, dad, Gmama, Jessica, and David for your gifts to me on the trail. I will love and cherish all of them and I will try my best to return them in 1 piece! Love you guys!

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  1. I have hiked those stairs before and they suck lol! Better to rip off the band aid though and start off with a hard day ;) You two have got this!