Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 11: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hello all!

Wendy here with yet another trail update! Today finds us at Standing Indian shelter (sound familiar Holden Hatfield?) for a cold night. Temps down to 18 with up to 28mph gusts!

There were no shelter spots available and I was pretty nervous about whether or not my tent could handle the weather. Luckily, Breeze and I are both sleeping comfortably! That is pretty surprising to say considering some of our day consisted of trudging through 2 foot snow drifts. The winter weather system sweeping the country is alive and well in the NC mountains!

The biggest piece of news, however, was our huge milestone today- we knocked out our first state! Georgia is successfully behind us and now we have to dance with one of the toughest states on the trail. NC is known for brutal climbs so we have our work cut out for us!

I'll leave you special late night people with a few pics (too many to choose from today !)

Until next time,
Your faithful servant Patsy... Err
Alex AKA Wendy


  1. Wow! Great success today! I wasn't sure if you were trudging on to Standing Indian or not. So glad to hear from you! Happy Birthday Alex, or should I say... Wendy???

  2. "Walking in a winter wonder land!" Beautiful pics, Wendy! Nothing like a snow hike...keep those toes dry and spirits high! You guys are awesome!

  3. OH My, that looks cold. Stay Warm, It is all I can do not to get in my car and come get you. Just say the word. Love You.