Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 12, Carter Gap shelter, 93.9

This too shall pass.

Breeze here. It's amazing how quickly things can change out here, considering how slow everything seems to move. Folks drop out, the trail heads up hill, or then skies open up on you. Well this time, the tides shifted in our favor. Wendy just commented that I always seem to get the good days to blog. Maybe I'll just blog everyday.

We woke up this morning how we went to sleep last night: bitterly cold. Thankfully, the dark skies that loomed above us all day yesterday were gone, all remained was the bright sun and blue skies. It was our first sign of real sun in 4 days. The sun can change everything about by your day. Yesterday's lunch was a miserable, freezing cold rush. It was too snowy to even find a place to sit. We stopped just long enough to feed ourselves before the cold sank back in. Today, Wendy and I lounged on the sunny hillside, breaking for over an hour. It was so relaxing. It was so nice to be warm, even for a little while. Right now, I'm sitting around a nice fire with sycamore, red fox, and willy. It's been a great day.

The weather isn't the only thing that has changed quickly out here. Just a few days ago, today might have been a bad day for me and Wendy. The trail was super sloshy and snow was dripping on our heads all day. This morning, we tried to get our food bag down from the tree just to discover that the rope was stuck. We spent 30 minutes attempting to get it down (that was terrifying!). I spilt an entire quart of water that I had just got done filtering. At this point we are really embracing the trail life, and appreciating the small stuff so much more. Because as you all know, this too shall pass.


P.s. I gave someone a trail name for the first time! I named him Gator bc she was wearing Florida gator colors. The funny thing is, he's from New Hampshire. (I thought of you, Darbs ;))

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  1. I'm glad to hear everything is going well, and that the sun finally found you. I hope yall are finding ways to stay warm. I love reading the daily updates, they certainly make my day that much better. :) And I love the name, a great first pick. Miss you both <3