Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 7: Snow and Fire

Hello all,

Wendy here with the latest update from the trail. Today's post title just about sums up the day for me! I was up and down all day. My cardio would be bad but my knee would be good. Then it would reverse. This coupled with a tough (albeit short) day from Blue Mountain shelter to Tray Mountain shelter made for a very unstable Wendy.

When we walked up to Tray Mountain around 2:30 today, the shelter was already full. Seeking to make an easy day of tomorrow so that we can hit Hiawassee early, we decided to press on. Around 2 miles further up the trail we found a nice campsite and got setup. After getting ready for bed around 6:30, we decided to try and make the night last a little longer so that we didn't have to sleep for so long.

The result was this awesome fire! Thanks to everyone for sticking with our blog and supporting us. We trudge ever onward!

Until next time,


  1. Hiawassee tomorrow will be a welcome relief! Glad to hear all is well. Love you! Mom

  2. Glad to see your smiling face. The fire is wonderful. Glad to see you treked more than eight miles. Still praying for warm toes and hot tea. Love you MOM