Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 5: Neels to Low Gap

Hello all,

Wendy here for another trail update. Today we have a pretty controversial subject to discuss- the weather! While we stayed in Neels, there were several talks about the horrible weather coming tonight. We heard claims as bad as -8F with wind chill and gusts of 40mph.

This scare caused us to decide on taking a proposed 0 day in a cabin right down the road from Mountain Crossings. We were told by one of the workers there that it was where we should go instead of their hostel. He claimed that for 4 hikers it was the same price as the hostel there, even though they were not affiliated with the cabin company.

This scare and offer caused the cabins to fill before the Mountain Crossings store even opened (where we were told to go get a cabin set aside for us.) This fact meant that we were forced to hike into this scare of a storm. We were greeted by a beautiful day and sunshine galore. In addition, it was alleged that the laundry of the cabin stayers was done last night by the owners of Mountain Crossings.

While we cannot say that this laundry fact is 100% proven to be true, that was enough to put a bad taste in my mouth about Mountain Crossings. I can say, however that they helped me in the store a great deal and returns were super easy. Mixed bag but Pirate runs a great hostel!

As far as us, we are all packed into the Low Gap shelter until we couldn't fit anymore and used all of our ground cloths and tarps to cover the front of the shelter. It is warm as an oven in here already and we don't even have everyone in yet! I foresee a warm comfortable night ahead!

Alex AKA Wendy


  1. Great to hear that you are warm! I've been worried all day as I confirmed your weather fears!! Stay smart, safe (and warm)....Love you!! Mom

  2. Hooray for packing in the Shelter, safety or warmth as the case may be in numbers. So pile up like a bunch of puppies and stay warm. Love MOM