Sunday, June 2, 2013

5/26: Daleville, VA

Hello all,

Wendy again with an update from le trail. Today we hiked into Daleville and stayed the night with some friends of ours. Besides a late morning beer magic, the 9 miles into town went by very quickly. We left camp at 7am to be sure we would make it in time for the BBQ meetup at noon. Unfortunately logistics were botched and we ended up having to split into two tables. That said, it was a blast!

Staying with Foolhardy and Tumbleweed was great! I really like hanging out with them. Also we got to see Tumbleweed (Jessi Sheron in real life)'s comic art. She is incredibly talented and if you are remotely interested in digital media I urge you to go check her out!

We had a great night and I got to have some great Mexican food! Another great day in town.


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