Sunday, June 2, 2013

5/25: Lamberts Meadow Campsite, 714.4

Wow! This has been without a doubt the best day I've had on the trail yet. Every single thing about this day was absolutely perfect. I only wish that everyone I knew was able to share today with me - It was that good. Hello everybody, it's Breeze. Let's begin.

Wendy and I left Catawba in extremely high spirits, for we were headed to the most iconic spot on the entire Appalachian Trail - McAfee Knob! McAfee Knob is home to a legendary cliff outlook where all thru hikers take a photo with their legs hanging off the side. 3.7 uphill miles stood between me and that view. Wendy and I knocked that out in right at an hour. We practically ran that mountain! The very best part about the climb up to McAfee Knob was passing day hikers! Here they come, on Memorial Day Weekend, with their tiny day packs and clean clothes, completely and totally out of breath. Wendy and I saw how many we could pass for sheer sport. Every time we passed one I would always be courteous, but in my head I would say, "Eat dust, day hiker!" One guy asked us how we were going up the hill so fast with full packs on. I shouted over my shoulder, "We walked over 700 miles to get here, that's how!" Once we got closer to the top, a day hiker told us we were about 15 minutes away. I thanked them for the information, but in my head I bet myself I could do it in 10. And I did. Silly day hiker! Don't get me wrong, thru hikers don't dislike day hikers. It's just that all thru hikers at this point are in ridiculously good shape, so you can only show off your mountain climbing abilities when day hikers are around.

Wendy and I hit McAfee Knob on the best possible day. Not only was it wonderful weather, but we got to hang out at the top with some of our best friends: Violet, Tumbleweed, Full Hardy, Aquaman, and Wooden Spoon. We had a great time at the knob, and also at the beautiful Tinker Cliffwalk a few miles down the trail. Later at camp, all the thru hikers got together and talked about what a perfect day it was. We built a fire and stayed up till hiker midnight telling jokes and stories from our trail experiences. We all laughed and shared our own stories of how we showed off in front of day hikers. Wendy said he liked to extend his legs a little extra to show off his trail calves! Rock em if you got em! Another popular topic of conversation was still the Homeplace restaurant - it was that good. I still can't believe they let us in that place. I kept expecting them to pull a curtain around our table, or nonchalantly light a candle or something. Everyone was dressed so nice, and we all smelled like goats! I wish a blog post could do a day like this more justice,  but unfortunately this is all I've got.

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  1. Hey there I am! I miss you guys so much!!!
    Love, love, love......Violet